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      Good quality infrastructure is a key ingredient for sustainable development. How to ensure the highest safety and security for an infrastructure facility, improve operation performance with reduced operation costs is the main challenge faced by any industry. Scientific and technical progress provides an extra layer of security and safety for infrastructures by means of cutting-edge technologies.  Fiber optics is the only way to keep on the curve as it’s one of the most prospective and fast-developing technologies with diverse applications. Fiber optics has been a research and development subject over many years. While the primary stimulus for fiber optic technology was transfer of large volumes of data, now it can be also used to ensure structural integrity of the facility with the advantages over other control systems. The main feature of optical fibers is their dielectric nature and high performance in aggressive environment (high temperatures up to 700 °С, immunity to EMI, radiation) and compact design. Recent developments in fiber optics offer high precision in measuring multiple physical parameters, such as strain, temperature, pressure, acoustic exposure, etc.


      «Unique fiber devices», LLC is a part of group of companies «FOT-Capital», LLC responsible for R&D sector of the group in field of monitoring systems and sensors based on fiber optics.




       Our main goal is to create company providing fiber optic solutions that bring unique products and novel applications suitable for any project, turning idea into commercial output.


Overall strategy


  • Providing  group of the companies with the state-of-the-art solutions and systems based on the existing and future potential of fiber optic technologies;
  • Creation of scientific, technological and production facilities to meet demands of the group in development and production of fiber optic equipment;
  • Creation of new technology and scientific advance in fiber optics to expand applications of fiber optic systems to new industries.  


Current focus areas


  • Development of various solutions based on distributed fiber optic acoustic system, including:

           - fiber optic monitoring system for control of unauthorized access to extended facilities
           - fiber optic downhole monitoring system (noise logging, vertical seismic profiling, and seismic survey)
           - fiber optic hydroacoustic monitoring system 
  • Development of new sensor types and point sensor based devices (Bragg gratings) for temperature, strain and pressure measurement
  • Development of distributed pressure sensor