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Intrusion control

    Distributed fiber optic vibroacoustic monitoring system is used for detection and identification cases of third party interference and intrusion. Particular signal detection algorithms enable the system to identify and localize human, animal, vehicle or a construction activity in vicinity of the monitoring facility with up to 5 m spatial resolution. A distributed fiber optic cable may be installed either at any fence or embed in the ground. 


Technical specifications:

  • Laying depth 0,5 -1 m.
  • Cable type – standard ground fiber optic cable or tailor-made design (for more sensitivity) 
  • Up to 40 km length per one unit
  • Human step registration with 3-5 m
  • Vehicle movement registration within 10-15 m
  • Spatial resolution up to 5 m



  • Distance range up to 50 km
  • Spatial resolution up to 5 m
  • Frequency range up to 25 kHz (depending on length of the monitored facility)
  • Totally immune to EMC perturbations
  • Hidden installation  (can not be observed by traditional systems)
  • Real-time continuous monitoring
  • No power supply (on a linear facility)