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About us

     «UFD», LLC was established in 2006 by group of scientists from Kotelnikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS (in Fryazino, Moscow region). At first stage of the development the company’s primary area of business was connected to development of fiber optic current and pressure sensor based on integrated specialty fibers.

     In 2008 it joined the group of companies «Fot-Capital», CJSC. «Fot-Capital», CJSC is a private company making investments to fiber optic equipment and sensors using fiber optic technologies.

     The outcomes of «UFD», LLC developments have led to establishment of an engineering company  aimed at production of fiber optic current and pressure sensors in collaboration with “Rosnano”, OJSC and ONEXIM Group.    

       In 2012«UFD», LLC became a resident of Skolkovo Foundation.

      Today «UFD», LLC is a research technical company of «FOT-Capital», OJSC group responsible for R&D sector. Its primary area of business refers to development of the cutting-edge equipment and monitoring systems based on fiber optic technologies.  

      In 2012 the company initiated project for development of distributed fiber optic vibroacoustic system and by the middle of 2013 it has been successfully validated in field testing. 

     For the recent years «UFD», LLC has been actively developing and building a highly qualified team with extensive background in fiber optics who managed to implement many projects towards development of new fiber optic devices and systems.


Companies included in «FOT-Capital», СJSC group: 


Engineering company “Laser Solutions”, CJSC established in 2007 -

1 Laser Solutions is responsible for design, development, engineering and integration of distributed    fiber optic monitoring systems and fiber optic sensors providing structural control and health monitoring of various infrastructure facilities. Laser Solutions acts as a strategic partner of Swiss company Omnisens SA - (Brillouin analyzers’ manufacturer) and integrates their mutual monitoring developments to meet requirements of Russian and Kazakhstan customers. The company has personal testing facility and highly qualified engineering team.


Manufacturing company “Fosens”, CJSC established in 2011-

2Fosens was established to meet the demands in R&D of specialty fiber optic sensing cables compatible with monitoring systems. It gathered best expert specialists in fiber optic cables to organize the first Russian sensor manufacturing plant.  By the middle of 2013 Fosens produced fiber optic sensing cables that were a step ahead of world competitors. In parallel with production activity Fosens is developing new cable types and product lines applicable to different industry sectors, operating conditions and multiple tasks.