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Downhole monitoring

     Monitoring solution based on tailor-made geophysical logging cable with integrated optical fibers involves temperature measurement and registration of acoustic exposure along the well bore. Distributed fiber optic acoustic monitoring system addressess the need of downhole monitoring by registering frequency and amplitude of acoustic exposures.


Spectral noise logging

  Results of acoustic noise analysis are used to localize casing, tubing and packers’ leak spots and to identify behind-the-casing-flows, etc. Simultaneous measurements made along the entire well bore are cost-time-saving survey method and a great alternative to complex data processing obtained by point sensors.   

Vertical seismic profiling (VSP)

  The monitoring system can be used for continuous downhole zero-offset vertical seismic profiling and 3D vertical seismic profiling (VSP). Distributed receiving antenna involved in the system enables more efficient data analysis with better accuracy and sensitivity than point hydrophones. 

Seismic survey

  Seismic surveys are the most commonly conducted geophysical surveys. Methods of refraction wave, cross-borehole exploration, microseismic monitoring of hydraulic fracturing are all utilized in the distributed fiber optic acoustic system. Use of distributed fiber optic seismic sensor leads to faster deployment of sensor network, integration into national coordinator network and efficient data processing.


Technical specifications:

- Cable type –geophysical cable

- Temperature and acoustic exposure sensing with a single cable  in just one shot

- Distance range up to 10 km

- Spatial resolution  5 m

- Frequency range up to 10 kHz

- Available for both periodic measurements and continuous monitoring


- Localization of casing, packer leak spots, etc.

- Identification of behind-the-casing-flows

- Detection of abnormal events and type definition (based on signal spectrum)

- Identification of problems in the well bore

- Well interference testing

- Control of gas-lifts